Wildwoods Hideaway Rules



Wildwoods Hideaway Rules:

1. EVERYONE MUST shower before entering either of the pools or hot tubs. NO SMOKING in our pools and hot tubs. No glass containers while on the pool decks or hot tub decks or while in the pools or hot tubs. 

2. No sex allowed while in the pool, hot tubs or any other public area. 

3. Illegal drugs are prohibited.

4. No firearms or weapons are allowed on the property at any time. If you have a state issued permit, you must keep your weapons locked in your vehicle.

5. We ask that you do not play your music loud as a respect to other members.

6. Please dispose of all trash in provided containers. 

7. Please dispose your cigarette and cigar butts in provided containers.

8. No smoking in any of the buildings owned by Wildwoods Hideaway.

9. Camp fires must be attended at all times. 

10. Yes, we are pet friendly but ask that you always pick up after your pet. There is enough shit going on in the world, we don’t need to step in to. J

11. Quiet hours are from 10:00 pm – 6:00 am. Please respect all other members and remember, out here in the woods, sounds travel very well. This can be good or bad, depending on your outlook. J

12. Violence or threats of violence is strictly prohibited.

13. Photography of members is not allowed at any time without the express consent of those being photographed. This is a private members only campground/resort and many people wish to keep it that way. It is their right and our rule!

14.  Yes, we are clothing optional however, we do require that you carry a towel to place on any furniture where you may sit or lay down.  When a vendor is scheduled to be on site we will let everyone know and ask that you cover up your privates.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding on this policy.